Monday 12 December 2011

Red-Handed: the Big Result!

Cover by Pye Parr...
Hey chaps-slash-chapesses,

You probably remember how, a couple of months ago, we announced a thrilling new experiment in publishing. Jonathan Green's eighth Ulysses Quicksilver book, Time's Arrow, is being released in three parts, and you - yes, you - yes, actually you right now, sitting there and reading this; I can see you, you know - can download each part as a separate mini-ebook and vote on the direction of the next part.

So you read the blog post, you bought the book (in the US or UK), you read and loved it, and you voted. And I want to thank you all. We've been really pleased with the response.

And that response, overwhelmingly - by a ratio of something like four to one - has been for Option B: Ulysses goes in search of the mysterious "M. Lumière."


So, there you go. Green's been given his marching writing orders, and you get to wait a couple of months as he rolls the next one out for you to vote on. This is shaping up to be pret-ty exciting.

And it's not too late to get involved! Buy Red-Handed now, catch up, and wait with bated breath like the rest of us for Black Swan to come out, and next time your vote can be counted! It's like we're playing a massive game of Fighting Fantasy! Whee!

 Kick ass.


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