Monday 31 January 2011

News from the pit of Abaddon

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all

It is I again, your evil overlord/commissioning editor, here with new and exciting news.

First things first, I'm delighted to welcome back two writers to the Abaddon fold. The first is that beardy man wonder that is Al Ewing. Mr Al Ewing - who knows no fear, channels mighty forces through his pen and laughs in the face of death - will be returning to the Pax Britannia universe with Pax Britannia: Pax Omega. If you thought Al's previous novels were wide-ranging in scope, mental as a box of kittens and terrifyingly inventive - you 'aint seen nothing yet. Pax Omega takes us all the way to year one million, showing us wondrous sights along the way.

Next up, is Weston Ochse, our American brother in genre. Weston did a brilliant job for us with Tomes of The Dead: Empire of Salt, so it's a delight to welcome him back with an Afterblight Chronicles title. We're still working on the actual title of the novel, but if you know Weston, you know that you're in for a roller-coaster action ride delivered with Weston's usual wit and eye for character.

See, told you the news was exciting didn't I? Anyway, more soon from us.

Happy reading

Simon Bestwick's Tide of Souls ebook

Simon Bestwick, author of Abaddon's Tide of Souls, has been interviewed by fellow zombie author Wayne Simmons at his blog.

Which reminds us, Simon's zombie thriller Tide of Souls has recently become available to buy as a kindle ebook, on, and

Flash floods devastate Britain. But the terror is just starting, as an army of the living dead emerge from the waters to hunt down the survivors. For Katja, after a year held captive by a brutal vice ring, it’s a constant fi ght to stay alive, but also a chance to win her freedom.
McTarn, an ex-soldier haunted by his past, is press-ganged into a mission to retrieve a scientist from an isolated village. When floods cut them off, he has to fight both the walking dead and his own demons to protect his men.
Stiles is the man they sent McTarn to fetch. Although apparently insane, he may be McTarn and Katja’s only chance to halt the legions of the dead closing in on their refuge in the bleak Lancashire hills. And if they fail, death will be the least they have to suffer…

“Simon Bestwick writes as if words were his – and our – only possible means of salvation.” – Joel Lane

“Simon Bestwick’s work is invested with the kind of emotional integrity that’s all too rare in fiction. His writing bears the indelible mark of quality.”
– Conrad Williams


Thursday 27 January 2011

Al Ewing Interview (Not By Us)!

Hey all,

Al barely gets the time to breathe between being interviewed these days. Seems Ed Kaye, over at Hypergeek in Canada, has interviewed everyone's favourite bearded lumberjack-slash-serial-killer.

Al's on top form. "I need to grab you by the heart first, the balls second, the mind third and any other body parts are gravy."

Cheers for tweeting us the link, Ed.


Tuesday 11 January 2011

The Kitschies

Good afternoon Abaddonians

We've just received some great news from our friends over at Pornokitsch that Scott Andrew's third Afterblight Chronicles novel, Children's Crusade, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Kitschsie award. As you can see, it's in very good company, featuring alongside the likes of China Mieville and Lauren Beukes.
Obviously we have everything crossed for Mr Andrews to be the winner. In the meantime, why not check out Scott's brilliant Afterblight trilogy? You will not be disappointed:

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes from all at Abaddon Books for 2011!

So you can see all the great books we've got coming up in 2011, we've uploaded the Solaris and Abaddon 2011 UK catalogue for you. Download the pdf here!