Thursday 28 February 2013

Nazi Zombie Army - Free ebook!

Wotcher all,

Hold on to your machineguns brains hats, because this is pretty damn exciting...

Rebellion's new World-War-II-meets-zombie-horror first-person-shooter, Nazi Zombie Army, is available for download from Steam as of 5pm GMT today.

Based on their hugely successful Sniper Elite V2 game, NZA pitches the history-changing Karl Fairburne against a rising tide of the Fuhrer's most blasphemelicious forces (that's totally a word; trust me, I'm an editor).

Put it this way: Indiana Jones hates Nazis, right? He also hates the undead. That's why he's always in tombs and stuff; basically making sure they're dead. So this is Nazi zombies! Not downloading this game and killing these things is basically exactly the same as spitting directly in Indiana Jones's face. Right exactly in his face. 

I can't believe you'd do that.

Anyway, all this entertaining diversion aside, the point is that Abaddon's own Jonathan Green, of Pax Britannia, Warhammer 40K and Fighting Fantasy fame, has written a story (not quite a novella; maybe a novellette?), Gotterdammerung, to introduce the game, and we're just plumb giving it away. Totally. Download it here:

Green's no stranger to Weird War II stuff; if you loved his rollicking steampunk/Weird War II/time travel weirdness Anno Frankenstein (and I know you totally did), then I guarantee this is up your street.

Download it, enjoy it, then buy the game and kill some festering Fritz. You know you want to.