Monday 15 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho (and so on, and so forth)

Yuletide greetings to you all

Man, have I ever been flat out intensely busy! Hence the relative lack of blog posts. Many apologies for not swinging by here more often, but the fruits of our labours will hopefully be exciting and tantalising you in 2009. So what news? Firstly lets have a look at some very sexy new covers. Here we have the cover for Jasper Bark's zombie novel Way of The Barefoot Zombie a satirical look at upper management, economic greed and the undead. Topical and zombie tastic!

Jasper is a superb writer, having produced the Sniper Elite novelisation and the thrilling, Dawn Over Doomsday for the Afterblight Chronicles series. We're all very much looking forward to seeing  what Jasper is going to produce for this foray into horror.
And now, I can also reveal the next cover in our Twilight of Kerberos sword and sorcery series, this is for Mike Wild's The Crucible of The Dragon God, the second book in the Kali Hooper trilogy. We've only just got the art in for this so we haven't had a chance to ad cover text, but behold it in all its glory anyway:

As ever Mark Harrison is to thank for these stunning covers. And, as we're doing 12 titles next year instead of 8 you can expect more from this man. That's right, no rest for Mark. He loves it really.

In other news Pax Britannia: Human Nature is now at press and should be at the distributors just before Christmas in order for an early January launch. Apologies for the delay on this but I'm sure you'll agree that it has been worth it when you read the latest installment of Ulysses Quicksilver's adventures. Included in this novel is an exclusive festive short story, Christmas Past, set in Oxford and featuring a collection of very disreputable gentlemen. And, as if that weren't enough excitement for you, you can meet Jonathan Green, the author of these delectable tales in person on Jan 9th (2009 obviously) at the Shaftsbury Avenue Forbidden Planet store in London, where he will be signing copies of Human nature between 6-7pm. Don't miss out if you're in the area. As ever, don't forget to check out Jonathan's blog.

And then in February we shall see a new character enter the world of Twilight of Kerberos when David A. McIntee's Light of Heaven is published. The final touches are being applied to the novel right at the moment so that should be winging its way to the printers in early January.

So, much going on and much to look forward to.
Right, on with the work.

Have a splendid Christmas and a great New Year.

All The Best

Jon (Editor)