Tuesday 13 December 2011

Day 13: Deck the Dead

Behind today’s door is the latest in Abaddon’s Tomes of Dead series, Double Dead.

Double Dead is a bloodthirsty ride through zombie-infested Route 66 that answers that age old question: what does a vampire eat during the zombie apocalypse?

Coburn has a problem – he’s just woken up from a five year sleep to find that human civilisation has fallen in the face of the zombie apocalypse. He likes blood. They like brains. So, yeah – problem.

And now he’s starving. So this vampire not only has to find human survivors but must become an unlikely shepherd with a shotgun. After all, a man has to look after his food supply...

A thrilling chase across a zombie-infested America – but with a twist – Double Dead is Chuck Wendig’s fantastically entertaining, blood-thirsty, brain-guzzling debut novel.

As a little ‘Merry Christmas’ present from Abaddon and Solaris, here’s a free preview of chapter one of Double Dead available for download! Check out the epub version, the Kindleversion or the .pdf version now.

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