Wednesday 25 May 2011

Win a Signed Copy of The Black Chalice!

Wotcher all,

Fancy a signed copy of Steven Savile's groundbreaking Arthurian fantasy, Malory's Knights of Albion: The Black Chalice?

'Course you do.

Well, check this. How about the world-exclusive, first ever signed copy of The Black Chalice? Authenticated by Mr. Savile himself?

Now we're talking.

Steven has been so good as to sign his first ever copy of the book, and will be giving it away to one lucky subscriber to his newsletter in the next few weeks.

The newsletter is kicking off very soon, and will include such goodies as excerpts, teasers in advance of his coming books, and links to unlock special content on his site.

So pop on over to his website,, right now, and you could be in on a genuinely special piece of collectibilia.

Collectibilia? Is that a word? You can have memorabilia. This is kind of memorabilia. It's collectible. It's collectibilia.

To Hell with it. I'm an editor; I can add new words if I want.

You still here? Why are you still reading this? I'm just waffling about new words I made up. You should be at, registering for his newsletter!



Monday 23 May 2011

Appear in Savage Knight!

Hey all,

As you may know (if you've been good boys and girls and bought Steven Savile's The Black Chalice), the Malory's Knights of Albion series features helpful faux-academic appendices in the back, with research and analysis of the Second Book of King Arthur and his Noble Knights and the history of the text.

Well, I'm producing the essays for the back of the second Malory's book now, Paul Lewis's The Savage Knight, and I'm offering you the chance to appear in the appendices as an "expert."

It's a dead simple offer. The first three people to comment on this post saying "yes, please!" get naming rights for an academic in the appendices. Give us the name and university of your academic and I'll pop him (or her) in, attributing some learned and possibly controversial opinion.

Offer closes at midnight tonight, GMT, after which I'll just make three names up.



Wednesday 18 May 2011

Paul Kane in Leeds, Nottingham and London

Paul Kane will be making several public appearances over the next few weeks. The first is this weekend:

Saturday 21st May, Midday – 2pm
Travelling Man, 32 Central Rd, Leeds

The second is:

Saturday 28th May from 11:30am onwards
Waterstone’s, 1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham

Copies of the Arrowhead Promo comic will also be available before and during the events.

He'll also be at the British Fantasy Society Open Night on Friday 3rd June, 3 Tooley Street, London, from 6pm onwards.

Paul's display in Waterstones, Nottingham


Tuesday 17 May 2011

Manchester Signing

A Super SF/Fantasy Weekender
Gary McMahon, Pat Kelleher, Mike Wild, Conrad Williams and Ian Whates
Saturday, 21 May 2011, 2PM - 5PM

Waterstones asks "Can Manchester contain this amount of SF and Fantasy talent?" It's an SFF and horror invasion as authors Gary McMahon, Mike Wild, Pat Kelleher, Ian Whates and Conrad Williams take over Manchester's Deangate Waterstones for an afternoon of signings and discussion.

Arrive early, at 1pm, and you'll get to see another great SF signing, the 'Deansgate Doctor Who Forum'. Waterstones says 'Join Terry Nation expert Alywn Turner, Doctor Who Big Finish audio play and Dead Ringers maestro Nev Fountain and that walking encyclopaedia of all things Gallifrey, David J. Howe, for a discussion-filled odyssey into all things Doctor Who.'

Further details can be found at the Waterstones Manchester Deansgate website, or at this number: 0161 839 1248.


Also, check out this interview with Gary MacMahon at horror and dark fiction site The Black Abyss.


Tuesday 3 May 2011

School’s Out for the summer blockbuster?

Abaddon’s ‘Attack the Block meets Lord of the Flies’ novel optioned by Multistory Films

Abaddon Books is proud to announce that it has struck a deal with Multistory Films to bring School’s Out by Scott Andrews to the big screen.

Attack the Block meets Lord of the Flies in a post-apocalyptic landscape where pupils at a public school grow up fast or they don’t grow up at all, School’s Out is one of the stand-out titles from Abaddon’s successful Afterblight Chronicles series.

The books follows the final days of St Mark’s School for Boys; and when your teachers are killing each other, the prefect is experimenting with crucifixion, and the rival gang from across town has decided that ritualistic cannibalism is the way to go, spots and BO don’t seem like such big problems any more.

Multistory Films is a new UK-based production company, which has just completed post-production on its debut feature film, low budget horror thriller The Harsh Light of Day. This will be closely followed by art house feature Verity’s Summer; written and directed by Short film Palme D’Or nominee Benjamin Crowe.

Jonathan Oliver, editor-in-chief of Abaddon Books, said:
“We’re delighted that the quality of Scott’s work on School’s Out has been recognised – it’s a great novel and a cracking read that never lets up. With teenagers facing insurmountable odds in TV series like Misfits and films such as Attack the Block, the time when teens save the world is nigh!”

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, said:
“Whereas much post-apocalyptic fiction focuses on the bleak, The Afterblight Chronicles is made for the silver screen: action, big set pieces, strong characters and a killer concept. Abaddon’s status as an ideas factory is now well established – our medieval zombie novel Stronghold was optioned earlier this year and this is yet another property that’s been snapped up by a film company.”

Emma Biggins, producer and MD of Multistory Films, said:
“We are thrilled to begin development on School’s Out. The book presents a perfect opportunity to create a high-octane action movie with depth, intelligence and wit. As a new production company we are extremely excited to be collaborating with a company as successful and renowned as Rebellion.”

Zombie apocalypse smackdown: which civilisation could would fare best?!

Inspired by Toby Venables' The Viking Dead, Pornokitsch is asking the question we're all dying (and rising again) to know the answer to: which ancient culture would be best equipped to defeat the undead hordes? The winner gets a copy of The Viking Dead!

Your suggestions should go here and you have till 11 pm Wednesday (UK time) to come up with your decision - choose wisely though, lest you find yourself becoming an undead hors d'oeu·vre!