Thursday 15 December 2011

Day 15: Silent Night - Twilight

We have too much high fantasy for just one calendar day so today’s recommendation is Abaddon’s long-running Swords and Sorcery series. The Twilight of Kerberos currently spans nine books and the final novel, Children of the Pantheon, is due out in 2012.

Rocked by war and religious schism, Twilight is a fantasy world like no other, a land girt by impassable mountains and impenetrable storms, dimly lit by a distant sun and dominated by great Kerberos, an azure gas giant that fills the sky... Or is it? To some, Kerberos is a god. To others, another world. Its nature is a mystery, and uncovering its secrets - as, it is whispered, the Elder Races strove to do before they were wiped out - is sure to rock the world of Twilight to its core.

Jonathan Oliver’s contributions follow Silus Morlader, a simple fisherman with a horrifying legacy.

The Call of Kerberos by Jonathan Oliver.
Silus is a fisherman working the Nurn coast; a simple man leading a simple life. But there is more to Silus than even he himself realises. When a mysterious man on the run from the Final Faith tries to persuade Silus on an extraordinary voyage, his world begins to change. And when an ancient and evil race bursts from the sea to try and claim Silus as one of their own, he is forced to flee his home. Soon Silus becomes a pawn in a deadly game played between ancient races. On the forbidding Twilight seas, Silus begins to discover the extraordinary truth behind his burgeoning preternatural abilities. As he battles alongside the crew of the magical galleon the Llothriall, Silus will find out more about his world and his legacy than he could ever have imagined. Hearing the call of Kerberos, he will fight to save existence itself!

The Wrath of Kerberos by Jonathan Oliver (due for release January 2012 in e-book)
Silus Morlader and the crew of the Llothriall find themselves beached in the middle of a desert after a magical storm envelops their ship. Stranded with dwindling supplies and half their crew missing, Silus leads his companions across the harsh landscape in search of civilisation. What they find will change their view of the world forever.
A new race reveals to Silus that his god, Kerberos, is not all he appears to be; that everything they understand about life on Twilight may be wrong. When the truth is finally told, Silus and his companions must fight their way across a dying world, facing Final Faith fanatics, orcs and dragons. They must find a way to deliver a very important message to Katherine Makennon, head of the Final Faith, before war tears Twilight apart.

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