Thursday 20 August 2009

Abaddon news

Hulloh Folks

As ever, things are madly busy at Abaddon HQ and there are many exciting things to report.

Firstly, we are joining the e-revolution. Yes, soon you will be able to buy Abaddon books for your e-book readers. We already have a handful of titles available (follow the link on the website's front page) and our new e-book editor, Jennifer, is in the process of converting all our Abaddon titles. So very soon it will be even easier to get your hands on our books. Watch this space for more news.

Secondly, we have two (yes TWO) new series starting in 2010 which we can finally reveal the details for.

First up is No Man's World: Black Hand Gang by first-time novelist Pat Kelleher. We're still in the process of completing the cover for this but here is a wee taster:

Pat's novel follows the travails of a group of World War One soldiers who are caught in a strange explosion on the battlefield, only to find themselves transported to an alien planet. This novel is a heady mix of very well researched military fiction and pulp science-fantasy, somewhat in the mould of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I've read the first half of the MS so far and it really is one of the most unusual SF novels I've read of late. No Man's World is out in February 2010 in the UK and will hit the US by June the same year.

Next up is The Infernal Game, a single author series from writer Rebecca Levene, the talent behind the Abaddon titles The Afterblight Chronicles: Kill or Cure and Tomes of The Dead: Anno Mortis. Cold Warriors, the first book in the series, is a great mix of espionage fiction and full-blown occult horror. Rebecca is planning big things here, so it's going to be more than worth your while joining us for the ride. Cold Warriors is also out in February 2010 in the UK, and June in the US. Here's a taster of how the cover is shaping up:

As you can see, both of these covers have a slightly different feel to the previous Abaddon titles and that's because they've been done by the vastly talented Simon Parr, who has been one of the designers behind the Abaddon titles from the beginning. Simon is also a talented artist, as evidenced by these magnificent covers.

In other news, I have been signing up authors for more 2010 titles and I'm very pleased to say that Al Ewing will once again be exploring the Pax Britannia world, with a sequel to his El Sombra novel called Blood and Thunder. It's a pleasure to welcome back Al and readers should go to their nearest bookshop and purchase Al's latest book for Abaddon, The Afterblight Chronicles: Death Got No Mercy, featuring all the man fights bear action you could possibly want.

Right, that's it for now. I'm off to edit books.

Happy reading

Jonathan Oliver