Monday 5 December 2011

Day 5: 2 for 1 Offer: Two Series , One Great Author - Juliet E McKenna

Classics scholar and Oxford graduate Juliet E McKenna is a well-loved and much respected fantasy writer who always delivers rich characters and high adventure. The fifth door on our advent calendar reveals her two series with Solaris Books.

We recommend Juliet’s work not just to fantasy fans but anyone who’s looking for strong, interesting characters. Look below for a free short story of her work!

The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution series is a high fantasy adventure set in a land laid to waste by its rival dukes who fight for the High King’s crown. A mismatched band of exiles and rebels agree that the time has come for change. Can a small group, however determined, put an end to generations of intractable misery?

The Hadrumal Crisis Series is Juliet E McKenna’s brand new trilogy and kicks off with Dangerous Waters.

In a world where magic is banned, what protection is there for the innocent against murderous roving corsairs? And who will be the first to unveil the secret of a widow’s mysterious guardian? The Caladhrian Coast is a rich new world filled with pirates and politics, rogue wizards and adventure. This is the perfect point to join a new fantasy series from an increasingly dominant voice in the genre.

For a sneak peek at The Hadrumal Crisis, Solaris is happy to offer this short story prequel,The Wizard’s Coming free to download as an ePub, PDF and Kindle

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