Thursday 23 May 2013

Looking Back: Some Kind of Paul Kane Interview, You Say?

Hey all,

Obviously we're quite excited about the Hooded Man omnibus that's coming soon, in print (US only) and ebook (everywhere) editions, but it's not quite time yet to give it to you.

I know, I know, and trust me, your frustration is like sweet, sweet nectar to me.

At any rate, to whet your appetites, here's an interview that the amazing and lovely Ms Perry and Mr Shurin of conducted with Paul about the trilogy back in 2010.

Check it out.


Wednesday 22 May 2013

After the world died, a legend rises: this is HOODED MAN!

Hooded Man
by Paul Kane
The fight back begins in North American bookstores on 11th June

$12.99/$14.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-78108-168-6

Available in paperback and ebook

“Incredible… Paul Kane is a gifted writer.” –

“A tale that will keep you glued to the last page.” – Falcata Times on Broken Arrow
After the success of its School’s Out Forever collection, Abaddon Books is releasing a trio of Robin Hood-inspired post-apocalyptic novels by Paul Kane in an omnibus exclusively for the North American market.
When civilisation died and the world descended into a new Dark Age, Robert Stokes lost everything, retreating into the woods near Nottingham to turn his back on it all.
But foreign mercenary and arms dealer De Falaise sees England as ripe for conquest – and when he and his army arrive at Nottingham, Stokes is reluctantly drawn into the resistance.
From Sherwood he leads the fight and takes on the mantle of the world’s greatest folk hero. The Hooded Man and his allies will become a symbol of freedom, a shining light in the horror of a blighted world, but he can never rest: De Falaise is only the first of his kind.
Filled with impressive action and desperate characters, this hard-edged dystopian omnibus collects the novels Arrowhead, Broken Arrow and Arrowland.

About the Author
Paul Kane has been writing professionally for more than 14 years. His genre journalism has appeared in such magazines as The Dark Side, Death Ray, Fangoria, SFX, Dreamwatch and Rue Morgue, and his first non-fiction book was the critically acclaimed The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy. His award-winning short fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic and has been collected in Alone (In the Dark), Touching the Flame, FunnyBones and Peripheral Visions. His novella Signs of Life reached the shortlist of the British Fantasy Awards 2006, The Lazarus Condition was introduced by Mick Garris, creator of Masters of Horror, and RED featured artwork from Dave McKean. In 2008 his zombie story ‘Dead Time’ was turned into an episode of the Lionsgate/NBC TV series Fear Itself. He currently lives in Derbyshire, UK, with his wife – the author Marie O’Regan – his family, and a black cat called Mina.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Where's (Coyote's) Wally?

Hey buds,

So I'm back! Feels good. Hope you were all well-behaved when I was away, and didn't cause Jon or Ben or Michael any trouble. We wouldn't want... trouble.


While I was away, I noticed that Pat Kelleher, author of the brand new e-novella Gods & Monsters: Drag Hunt (which I've talked about before), has found himself speculating about his creation.

As you know, the novella (which went on sale through all good ebook channels on Tuesday 7th) is about "Kai"—the native American god Coyote—losing his penis and going on a quest to find it.

Pat, then, naturally found himself asking,

"Where would Coyote's penis hide, if it were lost out in the world?"

It's a fair question. I mean, dude is seriously equipped; it's not an easy thing to conceal. You'd need somewhere it could go where it would look like stuff around it, camouflage it a bit.

This is what Pat dug up.

Architecture's a pretty obvious area for Coyote's wayward member to slip in, as it were, unnoticed. They even refer to "erecting" a building...

Then again, Kai's a pretty naturalistic guy; he'd probably prefer to blend into the landscape. And, you know, he's got the stones for it.*

Something more ephemeral, maybe? Icebergs come and go, they change their shape, they float around. That might appeal to Coyote's old chap, who—after all—is pretty much as tricky as its owner.

At this point, I assume, Pat's search for "interesting things in the world that look like willies" had turned into "David needs a month or two of sleepless nights, filled with endless screaming horror."

So there you go. Have any of you seen Coyote's willy hiding out in the world?



*I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Last time I use that line. I promise.

Saturday 11 May 2013

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair

Hey chaps, chapettes, chapesas, Chap Peterson, Kevin "Chap" O'Reilly, Charlie Chaplin impressionists, the line-up of the band The Chap, the editorial staff of The Chap, and the residents of the community of Chap, Virginia:
So my life has recently undergone A Bit Of A Change. Thought you might want to see.

Her name is Beatrix Elizabeth Rose Moore, she was born on Wednesday 8th May in the evening, and she is basically already cooler than you.
So I may be a sluggish replying to email for the next week or so. I still love you!*
*But not as much as her.

Thursday 9 May 2013

Knight of Shadows Cover Reveal!

Hola, mi nerdinos.

So I've made passing reference to another new world we're launching this year: Hunter of Sherwood, a revisionist Robin Hood setting rolling out this summer with Toby Venables' (of Viking Dead fame) Hunter of Sherwood: Knight of Shadows. So you'll be hearing more about Hunter and Knight as the launch date closes in, but I thought, for starters, you might want to whet your appetite with Luke Preece and Pye Parr's beautiful cover.


Tuesday 7 May 2013


Hey you guys!

Yes, you. No shut up, I'm talking to you. Just come over here and listen, because this is important.

So we may have already blathered at you about this cool stuff upcoming, but did you realise that today's the day we launch Gods and Monsters?

I know, right? I told you this was important.

So Gods and Monsters is the latest new world in Abaddon's stable, a dark, hectic urban fantasy in which the gods are all real, and all here... and they're exactly as colossal a collection of douches as you remember them being from the old myths.* It is a world in which men rising up to defy the gods is less a case of tragic hubris leading to inevitable destruction and more an important part of the working week.

And we are, with no little excitement, launching today, with not one, but two titles!

So, yes. The ebook versions of Chuck Wendig's full-length novel Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits and Pat Kelleher's exclusive novella-length ebook Gods and Monsters: Drag Hunt are both hitting the electronic shelves at Kindle, iTunes, Nook and elsewhere today. The dead-tree edition of Unclean Spirits hits the shelves in the US today, and in the UK Thursday.

If you're not buying/downloading/grabbing and reading these two books, it's because you hate your eyes. And if that's the case, heaven help you.**

Gods and Monsters: Unlean Spirits
Gods and Monsters: Drag Hunt


BUT WAIT! Before you (understandably) rush off to buy these fine texts and immeasurably improve your lives, there's more!

Because Chuck's going to be at the Rebellion Publishing stand at Book Expo America 2013 in New York, signing and giving away exclusive Unclean Spirits posters.

You can come find him from 3-4pm on Saturday 1st June - the public opening day of the Expo (buy tickets to the expo here) - at Stand #2748. We'll be extremely happy to see you.

*Assuming, here, you read one of the cool myth books, with rape and shapeshifting and torture and murder and yay. If you read some kind of Bowdlerised Roger Lancelyn Green bullshit (seriously, I loved my RLG books as a teenager, but they were some kind of confusing crap), you may be forgiven for trying to work out who was willing to conduct three marriage ceremonies for Freya and various dwarves on the same night, and why exactly they did that.

**Okay, the "heaven" line wasn't deliberate, but kinda works, so let's say it was.

Friday 3 May 2013

Ebook Exclusive: Drag Hunt!

Hey mofos,

So you're no doubt acutely aware that whiskey-drinking, bile-spewing, beard-sporting nogoodnik penmonkey Chuck Wendig, who vomits his brainmeatwordings out at the world through the interwebface at, has graced us with another book, in the form of Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits (which you will, I am sure, remember us telling you about only very recently). 

It is an urban fantasy of the very urbanest and most fantastic, with an army of cruel, self-serving gods romping up and down the US heartland torturing, traumatising, transforming and manipulating mortals in a kind of Hesiod-meets-Kerouac-meets-Saw-III way. It's got gods and tricksters, Devils and angels, guns and bombs, stolen cars, golden chains and magical flying penises in it. It's basically better than other books, and it's out next week.

What you may not have known is that at the very exact same time as we're unleashing Unclean Spirits, we're bringing out a second book (well, an exclusive novella-length ebook) in the same world by No Man's World creator Pat Kelleher, and it's called Drag Hunt

Drag Hunt tells the story of one of the characters from the first book, on a bit of a private mission. Or a mission for his privates. It's—actually, fuck it; I'll let the blurb tell you:


The Native American trickster god and Richard Green, one of his mortal marks, find themselves unwitting bedfellows as they seek to regain what they have both lost. The trail leads them to England, where they find murdered Anglo-Saxon spirits, a reclusive god of the forge, a London gentleman’s club exclusively for deities and a terrifying conspiracy.

If Coyote is going to save the world and get his mojo back, it’s going to take everything in his bag of tricks—and he’s suffering from the ultimate performance anxiety.

Awesome, right? I'm doing you a favour by pointing this out to you, basically; you won't be able to enjoy your Pimms this sunny weekend knowing you were missing out on the literary event of the century.

"You had me at 'COYOTE HAS LOST HIS PENIS.' Kelleher writes something here that is magical, hilarious, disturbed, and inspired."
Chuck Wendig.

£3.49 in the UK, $3.99 in the US. Check it.