Wednesday 11 February 2009

Zombies and tentacles and bears, oh my!


Well, it's been a particularly lovely winter so far with snow, more snow, bit of ice, torrential rain, so it's nice to be able to bring you good news. Yes, more Abaddon titles are in the offing and I have lovely new covers to show you courtesy of lovely Mark Harrison. Did I mention how lovely he is?
Anyway, first up we have Simon Bestwick's debut novel Tomes of The Dead: Tide of Souls

I've been reading Simon's short fiction for a while now and it's a pleasure to be able to work with him on his first novel. Simon's fiction is fierce, uncompromising and dark. A stunning new writer who is certainly one to watch. Tide of Souls is due to be releases in July in the UK and US dates will be confirmed later on.  With our zombie fiction this year we're very much aiming for a darker, more gritty feel and Simon has delivered this in spades.
Next up we have the return of Mr Al Ewing. Al is no stranger to Abaddon having produced two brilliant tomes of pulp joy, with Pax Britannia: El Sombra and Tomes of The Dead: I, Zombie. Now he's ventured into the world of the Afterblight with Death Got No Mercy
We certainly had fun formulating this cover, and I can honestly say that I've never had an author ask me to have a man punching a grizzly bear on the cover of his book before.

I just recently finished reading the first half of this and I can tell you that it's hilarious bear punching, redneck baiting, bare knuckle fighting, drugged-up, messed-up Scooby Gang, future San Francisco based fun. Trust me, that will make sense when you read it. I don't think we'll have published anything quite like this before. Due out in September in the UK. US release date to be confirmed.

And finally, may I introduce you to a little known author, new on the scene, all fresh-faced and wide-eyed... Me.
Yes, I'm having a scribble, so to speak. Now, before you ask, no I'm not editing my own book. Rebecca Levene (author of Kill or Cure and Anno Mortis) has agreed to be my editor on this project and her advice and encouragement have been invaluable. So, let me introduce Twilight of Kerberos: The Call of Kerberos.

The Call of Kerberos introduces our final hero to the series, Silus. Silus is a fisherman who finds himself on the run from the Final Faith and part of the crew of an unusual ship. More secrets of the world of Twilight are revealed and there's certainly plenty of sword and sorcery. This will be hitting the UK shelves sometime in October, US date to be confirmed.

And that's the new title line-up.

Don't forget to check out Twilight of Kerberos: The Light of Heaven, which should be hitting shelves in the UK very soon.
And don't forget that we have a Facebook page which you can join to discuss our titles and such like.
Right, that's about all from me. 
Back to editing and writing and that.

Happy reading.

Jonathan Oliver