Wednesday 10 March 2010

Pornokitsch interviews Paul Kane

Those wacky folks at Pornokitsch have been up to their old tricks again - after their interviews with Abaddon authors Rebecca Levene and Scott Andrews, they've now interviewed Paul Kane, the author of Arrowhead and Broken Arrow, in the Afterblight series.

Paul chats about writing for Abaddon, and how he and Scott Andrews have planned the overlap of characters and event in their respective Afterblight series, both previously and in upcoming novels...

Part one of the interview is here, part two is here, and part three should be coming out in the next few days or so.

P.S. I notice Pornokitsch are also running a Sexy Steampunk Competition - comment there and nominate your favourite sexy steampunk characters to be entered into a prizedraw. I notice that nobody has nominated our very own Mr. Ulysses Quicksilver, yet! Nor any one of his many lovely female companions from the Pax Brittania series. It's an outrage, say I, an outrage!

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Jared said...

Thanks Jenni!

We've got a final, great, session with Paul on Friday (horror movies!) - and then we begin an interview series with Abaddon celebrity.

It's pretty awesome, if I say so myself...