Monday 22 March 2010

Pornokitsch interviews Jonathan Oliver

Those folks at the dodgy-sounding geek culture website, Pornokitsch, have interviewed our very own Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Oliver.

Read the interview:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

To see some of their previous interviews with Abaddon authors such as Paul Kane, Scott Andrews and Rebecca Levene, take a look over here.


Jared said...

Neat! We have our own post label!

Part 4 of the Overlord interview is now up - I have to say, this was an immense amount of fun. It would've been about 74 parts, except that I kept getting over-excited and interrupting Mr Oliver.

Fans & microphones are always a dangerous combination...

Jared said...

And.... Part 5. In which the Overlord talks about the future of Abaddon, including some nifty series previews.

He can drop by anytime!