Tuesday 30 March 2010


Here are the final two parts of Jonathan Oliver's interview with Pornokitsch. See the earlier parts here.

And here's an interview with another Abaddon author from the guys at Horror Reanimated.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph D'Lacey from the site and the dubious pleasure of interviewing Simon B myself over the weekend at Brighton World Horror. Let me just say, I admire Joe for being able to get a word in edgeways!

I've just been listening to said recordings I made at the convention. We're going to be using them in the next Podcast. I interviewed Simon Bestwick, Paul Kane, Steven Savile (who'll be writing the first Knights of Albion) story, Paul Finch (who'll be writing Stronghold for the Tomes of the Dead line) and several Solaris Books authors.

Most of these interviews took place in the hotel bar, which is, to say, in the natural habitat of this species we refer to as 'author'.

So, for laughs, I've sorted the interviews into two files entitled 'Drunk' and 'Sober.' And no, I'm not telling you which is which!



Simon said...

Good interview with Jon there. Pleasure meeting you at Brighton too Jenni- and thanks for putting up with me!

Mark West said...

Glad to hear you've grabbed Mr Finch for a Tomes Of The Dead novel, that should be very good indeed.