Friday 26 March 2010

Post the Second: Live-blogging from the Brighton World Horror Con!

Steven Savile looking pleased with himself 'cause he'd just received his advance for the Knights of Albion book. Welcome to Abaddon, Steve!

This is just to show you guys a couple of photos and tell you about the interviews that'll be appearing on our next podcast! I spoke to Simon Bestwick about Tide of Souls yesterday, and Steven Savile, who'll be writing the first novel in our Knights of Albion series. But you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out why we'll be calling that podcast 'The Muffin Man.'

Simon Bestwick raising his eyebrows suggestively at the camera

Weston Ochse with Empire of Salt

Weston Ochse brought us a present from Arizona

See the full set of WHC photos over here on Flickr

I also interviewed Paul Kane, author of Arrowhead, for the podcast this morning! I listened to Ellen Datlow, Sarah Pinborough, Maura McHugh, Allyson Bird and Suzanne McLeod in the 'Femme Fatales' panel on women in horror, and then went out with Jon and Ellen Datlow to a very kitsch Chinese restaurant for a business lunch. Seriously, plastic swans and stuffed peacocks and blown-glass fish everywhere, to a soundtrack of obscure nineties pop music. It was out of this world.

Paul Kane is Kick Ass!


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Jonathan Green said...

A business luch with Ellen Datlow? I'm intrigued...