Thursday 13 December 2012

Zombie's First Christmas! Celebrate life with the Dead.

On the second day of Christmas, Abaddon Books gave to me... a pissed-off vampire in a world of zombies. After five years asleep, Coburn wakes up to a world gone to hell and his food supply massively depleted as well. So the vampire switches gears, from predator to protector, and looks for humans he can keep away from the jaws of the zombie dead. It’s a zombie’s first Christmas where Coburn’s wants them Double Dead.

Double Dead | Chuck Wendig
£7.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-40-7

A vampire whose going to make those zombies double dead.

Coburn’s been dead now for close to a century, but seeing as how he’s a vampire and all, it doesn’t much bother him. Or at least it didn’t, not until he awoke from a forced five-year slumber to discover that most of human civilization was now dead — but not dead like him, oh no. 

See, Coburn likes blood. The rest of the walking dead, they like brains. He’s smart. Them, not so much. But they outnumber him by about a million to one. And the clotted blood of the walking dead cannot sustain him. Now he’s starving. And nocturnal. And more pissed-off than a bee-stung rattlesnake. The vampire not only has to find human survivors (with their sweet, sweet blood), but now he has to transition from predator to protector—after all, a man has to look after his food supply.

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