Wednesday 19 December 2012

Monster's Holiday: they would love to have you for Christmas Dinner.

On the eight day of Christmas, Abaddon Books gave to me... the return of Coburn, the vampire surrounded by zombies that we all love. Coburn is back, but this time he’s in San Francisco chasing his vampire sire for revenge – there’s some Bad Blood between them to say the least. But if that’s not enough, there’s a wacky ketamine cult on Alcatraz that’s eating super-zombie flesh like it’s the communal bread. Never a dull moment in this world. Make sure you add this hugely entertaining sequel to your Christmas list.

Bad Blood, Double Dead | Chuck Wendig
£3.49 or £2.99, Ebook format

The astonishing sequel to Double Dead!

San Francisco after the zombie apocalypse. Vampire-predator turned human-protector Coburn is on the trail of his vampire sire. When he finds him, it is not to catch up on the good times, but take revenge.

Alcatraz. Super-zombies. A ketamine-trip cult of New Age weirdos who eat the flesh of the zombie as some kind of grotesque communion. This is another tale from the inimitable Chuck Wendig.

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The Best of Tomes of the Dead, Vol. 02 | Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon and Jasper Bark
£10.99, ISBN: 978-1-907992-17-9

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Matt Zitron said...

Please everyone buy this so we can get another sequel. This is brilliant, if you loved Double Dead; you're also love this.