Saturday 15 December 2012

Sniper's Christmas: the gift that's right on target.

On the fourth day of Christmas, Abaddon Books gave to me... two high-octane sniper tales involving the Nazis. The first involves the Spear of Destiny – a moment that could change the world. Behind enemy lines, Karl Fairburne has one shot to prevent the head of German nuclear programme and the Stalin’s troops from completing their revenge. Then I finally get to know the truth about Hitler’s last days – a different story from what the history books record – and the mission became Target: Hitler. Snipers and Nazis... what else does your Christmas need?

£6.99, ISBN: 978-1-905437-04-7

Berlin, 1945. Karl Fairburne is a member of an elite sniper corps, working for the American secret service deep behind enemy lines.

Stalin's troops have over run the city looking to revenge the battle of Stalingrad and seize control of the Nazi's nuclear secrets before their British and American allies.

SS General Helmstadt, head of the Nazi nuclear programme, is defecting to Russia, but first he plans the ultimate act of vengeance, to make the US pay for the defeat of the Third Reich. If he succeeds Russia will win the Cold War before it has even begun. Karl has one chance to stop him. A single sniper's bullet will change the course of history.

Sniper Elite: Spear of Destiny is inspired by the popular videogame. A hi-octane shoot 'em up set against an alternate historical backdrop, shot through with political intrigue.

Sniper Elite V2: Target Hitler | Scott K. Andrews
£1.98 (ebook), ISBN (Mobi): 978-1-849973-75-5, ISBN (Epub): 978-1-849973-74-8

Everyone knows the story of Adolf Hitler's final days – cornered, insane, killing himself in despair as Berlin burned above him.

But this story is based solely on the eyewitness accounts of the people who shared the bunker with him – the people most loyal to the F├╝hrer; the people most likely to lie to protect him. The world’s foremost Nazi hunter has never believed the official account; he has spent his life chasing a phantom, convinced that Hitler escaped the bunker. Now, as he lies on his deathbed, he receives a mysterious visitor; a man who claims to know the true story of Hitler’s death; a man named Karl Fairburn.

Is he just another conspiracy fantasist, or could his tale possibly be true…?

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