Tuesday 26 June 2012

Cover story: World War One Tommies trapped on an alien world

No Man's World is, without doubt, this reporter's favourite thing we've published. The combo of British World War One soldiers trapped on an alien world is such a perfect blending of historical setting and sci-fi pulp madness that it's hard not to be entranced, and Pat Kelleher's eye for detail and character just bring the whole thing alive.

Black Hand Gang and Ironclad Prophecy each focus on a different part of the Tommies' fight to try and get back home to Blighty, with each new challenge this unfamiliar world throws at them greater and more heartbreaking than the last.

So it's with some sadness that we're fast approaching the third book in the trilogy, which will be a season finale to end them all...

The stunningly evocative covers by our lead designer, Simon 'Pye' Parr, have been the cream on the cake and Pye has put together a blog post about his work on the cover for the third book, The Alleyman, which will be out in October.

Pat Kelleher has also written quite a bit of background to the series on his No Man's World blog, which shows how much research has gone in to recreating the horror of the trenches ... and transplanting it to an even more horrific world.

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