Tuesday 12 June 2012

Abaddon Books round-up: "makes The Hunger Games look like a middle-schooler’s writing assignment"

Those lovely chaps over at Pornokitsch have been bigging up the Abaddon Massive, citing two of our writers as Excellent Types Who Deserve Some Readin'.

In their piece, “For a small island, we’ve got some big books…”, Jared Shurin and Anne Perry pick out Scott Andrew's post-apocalyptic trio of books for our Afterblight Chronicles: the St. Mark’s Trilogy, including School’s Out, Operation: Motherland and Children’s Crusade.

The three books are being collected as School's Out Forever within a stunning new cover for release later this year and, according to Pornokitsch, are well worth the read: "This is a hard-hitting series that mixes the cinematic with the introspective, and makes The Hunger Games look like a middle-schooler’s writing assignment."

They also single out the insane genius that is Mr Al Ewing for particular praise. The man behind I, Zombie and the gleefully violent Death Got No Mercy (which according to Pornokitsch has the "Greatest Cover Art Ever") has written a trilogy of novels for our Pax Britannia series and it's one of these that garners the greatest praise thinkable: "Mr. Ewing’s greatest contribution to date ... is undoubtedly Gods of Manhattan (2011) which we’ll boldly declare the best deconstruction of superheroes since Alan Moore’s Watchmen."

Also by Mr Ewing is the latest book in our Steampunk series Pax Britannia, Pax Omega, of which Sci Fi Bulletin has just said: "Pax Omega is a major step away from the normal Steampunk Pax Britannia books, but once you realise what Ewing is attempting, it’s a case of going with the flow and seeing if he can pull off something this audacious."

 And speaking of Pax Britannia, there's still time to have your say in the novel where readers get to decide what happens!

Pax Britannia: Time's Arrow is our unique experiment in reader interaction - you get the chance to vote on where the plot goes next. After each ebook episode, there's a vote and the option with the most votes is written by author Jonathan Green!) The completed book will be released as a paperback in November.

Geek Syndicate has reviewed the latest installment, Black Swan: "The story rattles on at a fair pace with little time to draw your breath between the action. Rampaging gorillas, mechanical parrots, steam-powered flying bicycles and damsels firmly in command all play their part with a sinister villain plotting worldwide destruction all in the heart of Paris. Gaston Leroux, Conan Doyle and Poe are all paid homage to, amongst others, as we are drawn excitedly towards the cliffhanger ending in readiness for part three."

To cast your vote, read about the options, e-mail your choice to Abaddon Books at abaddonsolaris@rebellion.co.uk now and you could win a copy of the finished paperback!

The first installment, Red-Handed, is available to buy now as an ebook and you can pre-order the finished book!

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