Tuesday 22 May 2012

Words for free: download the first chapter of the Shadowmage Trilogy

"Shouts for his blood echoed off the walls of the narrow alley, the worn buildings bouncing the sound so it seemed as though he were surrounded. Casting an anxious glance over his shoulder, he saw nothing through the shadowy gloom and guessed they were still on the street behind."

And so begins the first of the three novels contained within The Shadowmage Trilogy by Matthew Sprange, which is available now in the UK and Ireland, and in North America.

This stunning fantasy features a never before seen final part of the Shadowmage Trilogy, completing the saga of Lucius Kane. And we're giving away the first chapter for free! Click on the link to download now and enjoy right this minute!

Forced onto the streets of Turnitia after the army destroys his home and murders his parents, Lucius Kane becomes an excellent thief, gaining notoriety in his new profession. Soon drawn into a war between rival thieves guilds, Kane fights for friends and profit but finds himself pulled into the darker and more mysterious world of the Shadowmage. Mercenary practitioners who combine stealth with magic, Shadowmages make the best scouts, infiltrators, spies ... and assassins!

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