Tuesday 29 May 2012

Place your vote on the next exciting twist for Pax Britannia: Time's Arrow!


Have you ever read a book and wished you could change the story?

Have you ever wanted to shout a warning to the hero, or advise him on how best to proceed?

Now's your chance to directly influence the events of this thrilling saga and be in with a chance to win the paperback omnibus edition of Time’s Arrow!

In the third and final thrilling installment of Time's Arrow, White Noise, Paris faces utter destruction, and our hero is faced with a deadly dilemma. And what of the enigmatic Cadence Bettencourt, if she even survived the destruction of the Opera House? Is she to be trusted or not? You must decide: 

A) Is Cadence the friend she appears to be, helping a stranger in need out of native kindness? 


B) Does Cadence have a hidden agenda, in service to those Ulysses is determined to stop?

To cast your vote, e-mail your choice to Abaddon Books at abaddonsolaris@rebellion.co.uk now and you could win a copy of the finished paperback later this year!

The first installment, Red-Handed, is available to buy now as an ebook and you can pre-order the finished book, due for publication in November right here!

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