Friday 10 September 2010

More Reviewspam...

Hey all,

Some online reviewery for you:

Mass Movement Magazine has posted this very brief review of Rebecca Levene's The Infernal Game: Ghost Dance. Jim Dodge Jr doesn't say a whole lot because he doesn't want to spoil the book for you, but he's clearly excited:

"Yes, I loved it!"

Jim Jr's also thrown up a nice little review of Scott Andrews's The Afterblight Chronicles: Children's Crusade. He feels "these characters have run their course," which is probably just as well as Crusade wraps up the storyline, but is still very complimentary. Cheers, Jim.

"With no lack of fighting and adventure, this book is an exciting read."

In a bit of an Abaddon frenzy, Mass Movement's Ian Glasper also offers us a review of Pat Kelleher's No Man's World: Black Hand Gang. Ian seems to feel that stories of soldiers mysteriously tranported to alien worlds should be more believable - and I'm sure Pat will take that on board - but nevertheless seems to have enjoyed himself.

"Told you it was going to be a wild ride, and it does belt along at a breathless pace, probably so you don’t have time to sit back and consider how daft it all is."

In the meantime, Emotionally Fourteen's Blake Harmer has also reviewed Black Hand Gang, and he properly loved it.

"A thoroughly enjoyable read [that] will keep you entertained if you like your sci-fi action stories."

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