Friday 10 September 2010

Is "Scott Pilgrim" About You?

So, I went to see Scott Pilgrim the other day.

(Caveat: I have not read the comic, so I am profoundly unqualified to comment on whether or not it was true to the source. Was it? Comments below.)

And it was a blast. Full of nerd humour and references - very Ed Wright, in that respect - slickly done, visually cool. Very surreal and funny. High slacker-appeal both in terms of the characters (who are mostly slackers), the references and humour (very gen-X), the plot (which is, after all, all about time-wasting computer games), and the girl (who is basically a coffee-shop pin-up).

But the best thing about it, from my point of view, is how sweet and tremendously simple the premise is. The whole high-camp "defeat the evil exes" plot is a fairly straightforward allegory for dating a messed-up girl with a load of baggage.

I've been that guy. I've had that sinking feeling when an ex's name has cropped up on conversation and killed a mood dead, and thought, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a direct solution? If I could just kind of, I dunno, defeat the memory of this guy so it wouldn't keep having this effect on her?"

Basically, the film's totally about me.

So that got me thinking. Is Scott Pilgrim about you? Have any books or films been about you, recently? Have you read something, or seen something, and thought, "that's totally about me"? Why?

And if it's Monster, please don't tell me anything I might feel obliged to pass on to the appropriate authorities.

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