Monday 12 April 2010

The Third Podcast is Up!

Hi all,

Sheesh. To think, only two months ago the first Podcast was going up. How young and naive we were. We thought we were changing the world. We thought we knew the lot. Now, two months on, we're putting up the third podcast, and we're older. Wiser. More seasoned. Makes you look back on old times and get all nostalgic.

Yes, you heard it right! The third Abaddon & Solaris Books Pocast is even now on your iTunes Store! Point your iTunes to this link, or search "Abaddon" (or "Solaris") in the "Search Store" box at the top-right corner of iTunes, to check it out. As usual, if you reeeeeeally luff us and have subscribed to the 'cast, iTunes should find and upload the new episode automatically.

Jenni, Jon and David, at Abaddon Books and Solaris Books thrill with the "most insanely groundbreaking instalment yet"* of their much-loved, widely-discussed podcast.

The Abaddon & Solaris Books Podcast #3: Staples of Horror! is introduced by desk editor David Moore, who they didn't let do any real interviewing this time as he scares authors. Editor-in-Chief Jon Oliver interviews Greg Staples, cover artist and comics legend, about his inspiration and his thoughts about different art media, and junior editor Jenni Hill runs around the World Horror Convention at Brighton interviewing our authors. Simon Bestwick, author of Tide of Souls, accosts Steven Savile, our new Knights of Albion author, and basically doesn't give him a chance to speak. How rude...

Now, this one's a doozy. It's, like, an hour and a quarter. We're going to try and rein that in next time, but basically, this is how much good stuff we had this month! Think of it as, like, two podcasts. Listen to Jon and Greg, put the podcast away, then come back later and listen to Jenni and various drunk authors. So you're getting two podcasts for the price of one. How cool are we?

Please listen to it, and once again, we'd love feedback. We got some great feedback last time, and have tried to make completely different mistakes this time.



*2010, noted talking head and vox pop specialist, David Moore's mum.

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