Tuesday 13 April 2010

Pax Britannia Competition - For the Devonshire Air Ambulance Trust

Ever fancied seeing yourself immortalised in a steampunk novel? Well now you can!

Abaddon Books author Jonathan Green is running a competition in aid of the Devonshire Air Ambulance Trust. http://paxbritanniablog.blogspot.com/2010/04/win-walk-on-part-in-dark-side.html

How to Enter
All you have to do to qualify is make a small donation to charity. My sister-in-law is running in this year's London Marathon for the Devon Air Ambulance. If you sponsor her via her Just Giving page, along with the comment 'Jon Green sent me', then on the day of the marathon I will put all qualifying names into a hat and, after the race, get my sister-in-law to pick one. It really couldn't be easier.

The Prize
A walk on part in the next Ulysses Quicksilver Pax Britannia novel Dark Side, due to be published by Abaddon Books by the end of the year. It will be up to me how you appear in the book and whether you're a hero, a villain or a third class laundry room attendant, but your name will appear somewhere within the book.

So, if you'd like to enter this competition simply follow this link. To find out more about the work of the Devon Air Ambulance click here. I look forward to reviewing your entries in due course.

- Jonathan Green

The proposed cover, which is a reference to the 1902 French film Le Voyage dans la lune.

It'd be awesome if you guys pimped this in your own blogs/twitters and so on. It's for charity after all!


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