Monday 25 January 2010

Pornokitsch interview Scott Andrews Part 2.

I nearly forgot! Here's the second part of that pornokitsch interview with Scott Andrews.

Part One and Part Two.

In the second part of the interview he talks about his new book, Children's Crusade, which is the third part of the School's Out saga. He also chats about crossovers between Afterblight characters, and writing for the Highlander series.

Children's Crusade will be out on May 19th, and is already available for pre-order from amazon books. Here's a shiny, shiny cover for you.

(I may have a slight crush on Tariq. Look at that big smile!)



David Moore said...

Sort yourself out, woman. He's just a cover illustration.

My own unwholesome fascination with Matron is based purely on her character. And on her being called "Matron."

Mmm... Matron.

Jenni Hill said...

You just KNOW Lee calls her that in bed.