Wednesday 13 January 2010

Hello Again!

Did you miss me? Don't be coy, I know you did.

No, you did.

No, really. You're upsetting me now.

Okay, now I'm blushing. No need to overdo it. Sheesh.

So, yes, we've been well busy in the Abaddon slave pits, being whipped and beaten by our terrible masters, trying to catch up on a variety of backlogs. Still lots to do, but I'm going to try and make sure I keep you guys up to date and don't neglect you for so long again. Many thanks for Jenni for posting an update while I was being rubbish.

Not masses of news on the Abaddon front at the moment (but keep an eye on Solaris, which is keeping us very busy as well), as we're too busy getting two whole new series up and running. In case you're blind or don't actually have a computer (and are reading this on a print-out that someone else made of the blog and then discarded in the alleyway where you curl up under a pathetic heap of trash each night for a few hours' restless, terrified slumber), they're The Infernal Game (starting with Cold Warriors) and No Man's World (starting with Black Hand Gang). We are, needless to say, very excited about them.

In the immediate term, remember that Jon Oliver, Paul Kane and I will be at the SFXWeekender in the beginning of February, which will be awesome. So if you're coming, be sure and hunt us out.

And that's it for nonce (it means "for the time being" as well as "paedophile"; look it up).

I'll write another rant soonish. It may be about zombies, but I make no promises.



Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Awww... so much sarcasm and dry wit, I do believe you have given my coffee a run for its money this morning as a pick me up.

David Moore said...

Thank you!