Friday 9 October 2009

Bonus Short Story

Hi all,

We've got a bit of a freebie for you today!

Scott Andrews, of Afterblight Chronicles: School's Out and Afterblight Chronicles: Operation Motherland, has written a short story for us, "The Man Who Would Not Be King." It's set just before Operation Motherland, and it's pretty damn funny.

It's available as the sample chapter at the end of Paul Kane's Afterblight Chronicles: Broken Arrow, but I'm happy to present it as a free PDF for readers of the blog right now.

Download it here.

No, that's okay. Don't thank me.




Scott Andrews said...

You can thank me, though :-)

David Moore said...

Thank you, Scott.

Scott Andrews said...

You're welcome, sir.

Jonathan Green said...

Well done that man!