Tuesday 7 October 2008

Vote for Kerberos

Hi All

As you may be aware a new fantasy award is in the offing with the David Gemmell Legend Award, which both honors the memory of Gemmell himself while celebrating the best in new heroic fantasy.  And guess what? You can vote for both Shadowmage and The Clockwork King of Orl over at the site. We would be honored if you did. The choice is yours.
Many thanks for Gareth Wilson for setting this up for us.

More news soon on another great Tomes of The Dead novel coming your way in 2009.

Happy reading.


1 comment:

ediFanoB said...

Before I vote for a book I would like to read it first.

Like PAX BRITANNIA series also TWILIGHT OF KERBEROS series aroused my interest.

So far I own

I read UNNATURALHISTORY and like it very much.

And now the time has come to discover THE TWILIGHT OF KERBEROS series.

Today I ordered my copy of Shadowmage at amazon.de

I look forward to read it.