Wednesday 1 October 2008

On the Abaddon Newsletter

Hi All

This is just a quick note to say that we will be disbanding the e-mailed newsletter that some of you may have been receiving in favour of the Blog. This means that all news items will now appear here. Hopefully this will free up space for people and be a much preferred option. Do feel free to send in your feedback.

Best Wishes

Jonathan Oliver

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ediFanoB said...


blog instead of newsletter is fine for me.

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to leave a comment concerning series PAX BRITANNIA

Today I finished UNNATURAL HISTORY by Jonathan Green.
As a lover of steam age stories I really enjoyed the book.

Please forward my compliments for the story to Jonathan Green.

I also bought EL SOMBRA by Al Ewing and LEVIATHAN RISING by Jonathan Green.