Thursday 10 January 2013

Chuck Wendig's GODS AND MONSTERS: UNCLEAN SPIRITS is 'essential' buy, says iO9

Those harbingers of good taste over at iO9 have picked Gods and Monsters: Unlean Spirits by Chuck Wendig as one of the 'essential science fiction and fantasy books that are coming in 2013'.

The writer of Double Dead and Bad Blood is knocking it out of the park with this inspired insanity about the deities of a polytheistic pantheon who survive on Earth - immortal, bored, falling into old patterns of collecting sycophants and worshippers in order to war against one another in the battle for the hearts of men. But they bring with them demi-gods, and they bring with them their monstrous races—crass abnormalities created to serve the gods, who would do anything to reclaim the seat of true power.

Here's what iO9 has to say:

The author of the Blackbirds/Mockingbird novels turns his hand to full-on hotpants epic fantasy, with a tale of gods and goddesses battling on Earth — until a single monotheistic god decides to try and wipe them all out, with an army of angels. Sounds pleasingly demented.

Excited? We know we are - Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits is out in May and you can pre-order this bad boy right here!

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