Monday 20 June 2011

Abaddon & Solaris Books Podcast #11 now up!

Hi all,

Check it out! Twice in one month!

Well, kind of. Truth be told, I got a bit behind updating the blog on the podcast, so for those of you who wait to read it here before going to listen to it, I decided to trickle the last two in rather than tell you both of them at once.

The eleventh podcast, No Man's World But Pat's, brings together handsome and debonair Desk Editor David Moore (hey, I can say what I want; nobody checks these things) and dry raconteur Pat Kelleher, author of the stunning No Man's World series, including the up and coming Ironclad Prophecy. Find it here on iTunes, or go to the Store and search for "Abaddon and Solaris."

You can also just go here to look at the feed direct, or to subscribe using an RSS application, like Outlook.



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