Monday 31 January 2011

Simon Bestwick's Tide of Souls ebook

Simon Bestwick, author of Abaddon's Tide of Souls, has been interviewed by fellow zombie author Wayne Simmons at his blog.

Which reminds us, Simon's zombie thriller Tide of Souls has recently become available to buy as a kindle ebook, on, and

Flash floods devastate Britain. But the terror is just starting, as an army of the living dead emerge from the waters to hunt down the survivors. For Katja, after a year held captive by a brutal vice ring, it’s a constant fi ght to stay alive, but also a chance to win her freedom.
McTarn, an ex-soldier haunted by his past, is press-ganged into a mission to retrieve a scientist from an isolated village. When floods cut them off, he has to fight both the walking dead and his own demons to protect his men.
Stiles is the man they sent McTarn to fetch. Although apparently insane, he may be McTarn and Katja’s only chance to halt the legions of the dead closing in on their refuge in the bleak Lancashire hills. And if they fail, death will be the least they have to suffer…

“Simon Bestwick writes as if words were his – and our – only possible means of salvation.” – Joel Lane

“Simon Bestwick’s work is invested with the kind of emotional integrity that’s all too rare in fiction. His writing bears the indelible mark of quality.”
– Conrad Williams


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