Tuesday 21 December 2010

Pax Britannia Reviews...

Hey all,

Well, Jon Green's been getting a bit of love from the internet, it seems. Here are two very decent reviews of his books from webland...

Graeme Flory, over at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review, is always a big fan of Abaddon's Steampunk Laureate, in this case awarding Blood Royal an awesome 9-and-a-half out of 10:

"What you get as a result is a plot that moves at a frantic pace whilst making complete and utter sense... Blood Royal has it all going on and at such a speed that you are almost physically compelled to keep reading."

Pablocheesecake, over at The Eloquent Page - another reliable Ulysses-fan - was similarly effusive about Dark Side:

Dark Side joins the existing novels as a worthy addition. Green has crafted yet another action packed rip-snorter. Each new release fleshes out the Ulysees Quicksilver universe and is a guaranteed must read. Long may the adventures of Ulysees Quicksilver continue.

So that's good.



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