Monday 4 October 2010

Empire of Salt: Signing and Zombie Crawl!

Hi all,

Tireless author and tourer Weston Ochse, author of the redneck-zombie epic Tomes of the Dead: Empire of Salt (the only Abaddon book so far to include an AK-47-toting Elvis impersonator), has secured a signing date at 1pm on Saturday 16th October at a Barnes & Noble in Tucson, Arizona, where he will be meeting fans and signing copies of Empire.

But as if a Barnes & Noble signing date isn't awesome enough, he's managed to arrange to mark the occasion with a Zombie Crawl through Tucson to mark the occasion.

So if you're based near Tucson and want to get your copy signed, or just want to get involved in the zombie crawl (and who would blame you?) then stick your head in the B&N at:

Barnes & Noble
5130 East Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85711

This event, and all of Weston's unceasing efforts to promote this awesome book, can be found on his page.




Weston Ochse said...

And it better be the ONLY Abaddon book to contain an AK-47-toting Elvis impersonator, or I'm going to have a conversation with whichever author has the temerity to tiptoe through my tulips!

(just kidding)

-Weston Ochse

David Moore said...

Righto. I shall inform Jon we're cancelling Blue Suede Army Boots, then.

Pity. That looked to be pretty cool.

Wendy T said...

Hi there! I just heard that Pillar of Salt is sold out!
I have looked in every book store near me in Phoenix to get it and still haven't found it!

This makes me so sad. You should print more!

Many thanks!

Wendy T

David Moore said...

@Wendy T: Nice effort, although it would be more convincing if you'd got the book's name right. :)

I'll add your voice to the list.