Wednesday 11 August 2010

One more cover for you chaps...

Saddened by your long wait for another series of the BBC's recent Sherlock Holmes adaptation? Never fear, loyal servants of the empire, for another dashing, daring detective and his loyal companion await you in the world of Jonathan Green's Pax Britannia!

Perhaps, we'd like to think, slightly ahead of the curve of today's current steampunk trend, Abaddon has been publishing the Ulysses Quicksilver adventures since early 2007, and it is still one of the longest-running steampunk series around, with the ninth Pax Britannia book being published in October this year, and the tenth already in progress.

The omnibus is something we're all very proud of, (just look at that beautiful cover by Simon Parr,) and it collects the first three Ulysses Quicksilver novels - Unnatural History, Leviathan Rising and Human Nature - as well as an introduction from the author, and the short stories Vanishing Point and Christmas Past.

This rather impressive tome is currently pre-ordering for £8.99 on Amazon. Perfect for reading anywhere, but heavy enough to double up as a weapon against those ne'er-do-wells who might impede your own mystery-solving adventures.


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CapnAlex said...

So tempting! If only I didn't already own them!