Wednesday 2 June 2010

Zombies and other stuff...

Two things to blog about today, one, Weston Ochse reports queues out the shop doors on his booksigning tour in Arizona promoting his epic zombie novel Empire of Salt, and sent us some photos to share. (Too bad you didn't take photos of the queues Weston, we're not sure we believe you! Just kidding...)

And secondly, Scott Andrews has done a brief interview here at Pornokitsch about the conclusion to his apocalyptic St. Mark's School trilogy, Children's Crusade, which came out last month.

Also, because it's a bloody fantastic question, I'm going to steal one of Pornokitsch's interview questions and put it to you, dear readers... but you'll have to read the interview to hear Scott's answer!

Zombies attack. You can have one weapon, one sidekick and one song for your zombie-slaying soundtrack. Go...



Jenni Hill said...

Guess I should answer -

Christopher Eccleston, 'Down with the Sickness' and a really big tank.


A tank IS a weapon, right?

David Moore said...

That's an excellent question. The answer to all three is "Iron Man."

Rich said...

Linnea Quigley, preferably naked, a la Return of the Living Dead.

Army of Zombies by Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards

A lawnmower - you've seen Braindead, right?

Lou Morgan said...

Flamethrower, and "Propane Nightmares" (just because it's the zompocalypse, it doesn't mean you can't have a theme going. Or a bit of a dance.)

...and Gerard Butler. Not for any practical purpose, but he really *is* very nice to look at.

Mike Wild said...

Tesla Gun, Milla Jovovich, Glenn Miller's In The Mood.