Monday 17 May 2010

Podcast #4 rocking you headphones RIGHT NOW!

Hey guys,

So we're still going. We're kind of stretching the "monthly" concept here, since this is the April podcast and it's mid-May. Maybe we'll sneak a date change on you and call the next one the June podcast. I bet you won't even notice. We'll just go right ahead and do that shit.

Anyway, that's the rather oblique way of announcing the Fourth Abaddon & Solaris Books Pocast, winging it's way to your iTunes folder as we speak! Point your iTunes to this link, or search "Abaddon" (or "Solaris") in the "Search Store" box at the top-right corner of iTunes, to check it out. As ever, if you're a subscriber, iTunes should upload it automatically; it's probably already done so, cheeky little scamp that it is.

David, Jenni and Jon at Abaddon Books and Solaris Books drill directly in through your ears to your cerebrel cortex, monkey up your medulla oblongata and play hell with your limbic system in "what consistently remains the Coco Pops™ of the Podcast world."*

The Abaddon & Solaris Books Podcast #4: Shiny, Happy Gods is introduced by Editor-in-Chief Jon Oliver, who decided to have a rest and let his minions do all the interviewing today. Desk Editor David Moore gushes uncontrollably over interviews James Lovegrove, author of Solaris's Age of Ra and Age of Zeus, and talks about gods, inspiration, writing, research, and frogs and rabbits. Junior Editor Jenni Hill, meanwhile, catches up with Jetse de Vries and Gareth L. Powell - respectively the anthologist of and one of the contributors to the upcoming Shine anthology - at EasterCon, and talks about the anthology and the convention. A good time was had by all.

Special Note: We promise in the blog that James will remember the name of the book of essays he discusses and we'll blog it. And we always keeps our promises. James briefly discusses D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Myths and the introduction by Michael Chabon, but can't remember the name of Chabon's collection of essays, Maps & Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands. He urges you to look both books up.

Now, as promised, I have managed to rein this one in to the tune of ten minutes, so it's about an hour and five. We'll try and make the next one even shorter, but we just have loads of cool stuff to offer you.

As always, give us your tasty, tasy feedback. We love it. We made completely different mistakes this time, so we want to know what mistakes to make next time.



*I think this one was Jenni's mum, but don't quote me.

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