Friday 12 February 2010

Greetings from your Evil Over Lord


It has been many moons since I last posted here and I must apologise for my luddite, non-net savvy ways, but haven't Jenni and David been ace in keeping all ticking along? But, you know, I thought that I should show my face now and again and remind you that I am watching over you all... especially you. Yes you! Put it away! Honestly.
Anyway, as always things have been uber busy with busy on top here at the Abaddon manse, and that's because we have so many ace things in the pipeline. Obviously our most recent release is my own tome Twilight of Kerberos: Call of Kerberos and many thanks to those of you who have said such nice things about the book. There will indeed be a sequel at some point next year.
But even more exciting than this are the goodies we have coming up for you this year. There will be Weston Ochse's chilling zombie horror Tomes of The Dead: Empire of Salt in April and two new series this spring. Yes two! These are The Infernal Game: Ghost Dance by Rebecca Levene and No Man's World: Black Hand Gang by Pat Kelleher. My design minions have created these two lovely covers:

And these are just a handful of the lovelies coming up. For behold, there will be more in the Twilight of Kerberos series. Feast ye, on the covers of Greg of Staples:

And now, because we are down with the kids and love technology (but not quite as much a Kip in Napoleon Dynamite) you can get virtually all our Abaddon titles in e-book format.
Now to talk about 2011 because even though - to you - that seems a long way away, in publishing terms it's next Monday and we're all running around trying to figure out what to put your way. Two new commissions have already happened. The first being a Tomes of The Dead novel called The Viking Dead by debut novelist Toby Venables. More on this very soon, but let me just say that the pitch was the business. Zombies, Vikings, weird goings on = Win! I'm also very pleased to say that we will be doing further Pax Britannia novels, the first of which next year will be Pax Britannia: Anno Frankenstein. It's a pleasure to continue to work with Jonathan Green on this series and I can promise you that this steampunk pulp adventure will go from strength to strength.
And, what is more (yes more my pulp hungry friends), there is going to be a NEW series launching in 2011. David Moore - my erstwhile Desk Editor - is helming this up and we're going through the pitches at the moment. Not to give too much away, but this will be a new take on a very well known fantasy legend. We're already getting in some great ideas and it looks like this one is going to be a real winner.

Anyway, that is all for now. I shall retreat to my lair to pour over forbidden tomes and strange brews, or whatever it is us evil editor overlords are supposed to do.

Until next we meet, happy reading!

Jon Oliver

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David Moore said...

Thank you, Dark Emperor. We do our best to serve.

Well looking forward to the new series. Was "helm" deliberate?