Wednesday 10 February 2010

Dinosaur Zombies!

Ooh! Ooh! Check it out. Dinosaur Zombies.

Zombies: quite scary. Dinosaurs: also quite scary. Zombie dinosaurs: Chuck Norris.

"Wait!" I hear you cry. "Wait! Surely zombie dinosaurs aren't much scarier than regular variety dinosaurs!"

But no, gentle reader. Do you know why?

Tiny, hard to hit brains.

Two tiny, hard to hit brains.

You're running away from Zombisaurus Rex, right; you're doing well, lots of ammo, got one of them Jurassic Park-themed jeeps. Okay. Ol' Z-Rex corners you, and blam! You let him have it in the head.


Dude's totally still coming.

He's got a massive layer of bone and a tiny, tiny brain.

His mate Zombegasaurus comes along, and okay, not so much of a thick skull, maybe you'll hit his peanut-size grey matter, but bam! Fecker's got a spare down in his tail!

Doomed! All of you!

For real.


PS: Jenni wants it on record that she came up with the idea.


Jenni Hill said...

Damn right. ;-)

Jonathan Green said...

Shhh! You're giving away a future Pax Britannia plot thread.... Seriously!

As they say, 'great minds think alike; fools rarely differ.'

David Moore said...

Oops. Loose lips...