Thursday 3 December 2009

A message from Andy Severn, Abaddon's eBook 'bot

Hi All,

If you’re a shameless techhie like myself, you’ll be squealing with delight to hear that ALL the Abaddon novels are now available as eBooks! Go to the Titles tab on and make with the clicky-click on the WHSmiths link.

You can snap up an eBook edition at loads of reputable book sites such as WHSmith, BooksOnBoard, Waterstones, Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket and CoolerEbooks. They’re available in two delightful flavours, ePub and Mobi so will work on whatever reader you have.

If you don’t have one of those gorgeous eReaders then you can still read them on your iPhone, iPod Touch or laptop. But really, you’ll be wanting to ask Santa to pop one of those readers in your stocking this Christmas – they’re soooo cool, and the eInk technology is incredibly comfortable to read. I grabbed myself an Elonex one* from the pile of readers we have for checking the eBooks and now I take it EVERYWHERE with me – and I really DO mean everywhere ;)

I’ve just finished reading the BRILLIANT Pax Britannia book Human Nature, methinks I’ll have a dip into one of the 2000AD books next, perhaps the supernatural thriller Caballistics Inc? Or a bit of Judge Dredd? So many to choose from...

&e7 – Abaddon’s eBook ‘bot.

* I’d have grabbed an eCooler but the one we have is a girly hot-pink colour – why couldn’t we have got a blue one, or even grey or red to match my laptops?

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Jenni Hill said...

I like the hot-pink one! ;-)