Thursday 26 November 2009

Last Day of the Zombie Contest

...although since it's a zombie contest, I suppose it could shamble on after we kill it?

Never mind.

Tomorrow is the last day of Abaddon's Zombie Shelter Competition. We've had some very cool submissions, and we're well looking forward to judging them, but submissions aren't closed yet! Be sure and send in your zombie shelter by the end of tomorrow (Friday 27th November) to be considered.

Erm... I can't be bothered working out an actual time deadline, in GMT, EDT, CET and whatever else. Tell you what: we're not even going to start judging them until Monday, so if it's in the inbox when I get in Monday morning, that's good enough for me.




R.R.Jones said...

LMAO, you're so strict on the rules dude...

David Moore said...

Well, naturally. Society is built on rules.