Wednesday 30 September 2009

New braaains... err, blood. I meant "new blood."

Hey all,

Introducing the new Desk Editor at Abaddon books, David Moore:
David Thomas Moore stands six feet one inch tall in his shoes. He has the pale, coarse complexion and limpid hazel eyes of a phlegmatic, and keeps his hair cropped short in the manner of the military classes. Born in the colonies, he is unmemorable in appearance, indifferent in breeding and unexceptional in bearing. He is tolerably clean and owns his own suit. He will not accept a position that requires him to do laundry.
I'll be posting on here from time to time, when my editing duties allow.

Good to meet you all.


Jonathan Green said...

Hi David

More meat for the meat grinder! ;-)

Welcome aboard.

Simon said...

Welcome aboard, David!

Gary Mc said...

Yep, welcome aboard! It's great fun here. :-)