Tuesday 21 May 2013

Where's (Coyote's) Wally?

Hey buds,

So I'm back! Feels good. Hope you were all well-behaved when I was away, and didn't cause Jon or Ben or Michael any trouble. We wouldn't want... trouble.


While I was away, I noticed that Pat Kelleher, author of the brand new e-novella Gods & Monsters: Drag Hunt (which I've talked about before), has found himself speculating about his creation.

As you know, the novella (which went on sale through all good ebook channels on Tuesday 7th) is about "Kai"—the native American god Coyote—losing his penis and going on a quest to find it.

Pat, then, naturally found himself asking,

"Where would Coyote's penis hide, if it were lost out in the world?"

It's a fair question. I mean, dude is seriously equipped; it's not an easy thing to conceal. You'd need somewhere it could go where it would look like stuff around it, camouflage it a bit.

This is what Pat dug up.

Architecture's a pretty obvious area for Coyote's wayward member to slip in, as it were, unnoticed. They even refer to "erecting" a building...

Then again, Kai's a pretty naturalistic guy; he'd probably prefer to blend into the landscape. And, you know, he's got the stones for it.*

Something more ephemeral, maybe? Icebergs come and go, they change their shape, they float around. That might appeal to Coyote's old chap, who—after all—is pretty much as tricky as its owner.

At this point, I assume, Pat's search for "interesting things in the world that look like willies" had turned into "David needs a month or two of sleepless nights, filled with endless screaming horror."

So there you go. Have any of you seen Coyote's willy hiding out in the world?



*I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. Last time I use that line. I promise.

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