Friday 3 May 2013

Ebook Exclusive: Drag Hunt!

Hey mofos,

So you're no doubt acutely aware that whiskey-drinking, bile-spewing, beard-sporting nogoodnik penmonkey Chuck Wendig, who vomits his brainmeatwordings out at the world through the interwebface at, has graced us with another book, in the form of Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits (which you will, I am sure, remember us telling you about only very recently). 

It is an urban fantasy of the very urbanest and most fantastic, with an army of cruel, self-serving gods romping up and down the US heartland torturing, traumatising, transforming and manipulating mortals in a kind of Hesiod-meets-Kerouac-meets-Saw-III way. It's got gods and tricksters, Devils and angels, guns and bombs, stolen cars, golden chains and magical flying penises in it. It's basically better than other books, and it's out next week.

What you may not have known is that at the very exact same time as we're unleashing Unclean Spirits, we're bringing out a second book (well, an exclusive novella-length ebook) in the same world by No Man's World creator Pat Kelleher, and it's called Drag Hunt

Drag Hunt tells the story of one of the characters from the first book, on a bit of a private mission. Or a mission for his privates. It's—actually, fuck it; I'll let the blurb tell you:


The Native American trickster god and Richard Green, one of his mortal marks, find themselves unwitting bedfellows as they seek to regain what they have both lost. The trail leads them to England, where they find murdered Anglo-Saxon spirits, a reclusive god of the forge, a London gentleman’s club exclusively for deities and a terrifying conspiracy.

If Coyote is going to save the world and get his mojo back, it’s going to take everything in his bag of tricks—and he’s suffering from the ultimate performance anxiety.

Awesome, right? I'm doing you a favour by pointing this out to you, basically; you won't be able to enjoy your Pimms this sunny weekend knowing you were missing out on the literary event of the century.

"You had me at 'COYOTE HAS LOST HIS PENIS.' Kelleher writes something here that is magical, hilarious, disturbed, and inspired."
Chuck Wendig.

£3.49 in the UK, $3.99 in the US. Check it.

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