Wednesday 7 December 2011

Day 7: Christmas is not a date but a State of Mind

The urban fantasy genre is becoming increasingly popular, and Abaddon and Solaris have everything you could want when delving behind the shop fronts and into the dark alleyways of our modern urban nightmares…

British Fantasy Award winner Nicholas Royle creates a nightmarish hidden city in Regicide. Carl, who runs a London record store, meets the mysterious Annie Risk and falls for her - hard. Carl stumbles across part of a map to an unknown town. He becomes convinced it represents the city of his dreams, where ice skaters turn quintuple loops and trumpeters hit impossibly high notes.... where Annie Risk will agree to see him again. But if he ever finds himself in the streets on his map, will they turn out to be the land of his dreams or the world of his worst nightmares?

What really walks the city streets? In Desdaemona, Ben Macallan’s debut novel in Urban Fantasy, you will definitely wish you hadn't asked. Jordan is a not so regular teenager who helps kids on the run find their way back home. Desdaemona is desperately searching for her lost sister Fay, who did a Very Bad Thing involving an immortal. She enlists Jordan’s help but is it a mistake for them both? Too many people are interested now, and some of them are not people at all...

The Infernal Games series is thriller meets urban fantasy and Cold Warriors by Rebecca Levene merges cold war intrigue and occultist plots. The Hermetic Division of the British secret services was formed at the height of the Cold War, an agency charged with using supernatural means to defend the nation. It has only one mission: to find the mysterious Ragnarok artefacts, said to have the power to end the world. Now, two of the division's most powerful agents are sent on the trail of a corrupt Russian oligarch who may possess the artefacts. Their perilous journey will take them across Europe and into the darkest reaches of the occult!

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