Monday 12 December 2011

Day 12: Guns Galore

Behind today’s calendar door is our recommendations for military SF fans. First up is a title just published this month, which should have all fans of the genre drooling with delight...

Andy Remic’s Combat K books are kick-ass, action-adventure SF extravaganzas centring around a corrupt and slightly insane combat squad.Themeplanet is a particular delight. It’s better than sex! It’s better than drugs! If you haven’t been sick yet, you soon will be... Welcome to Theme Planet, an entire alien world dedicated to insane rides, excessive hedonism and dangerous adventure. Operated by the Monolith Corporation, Theme Planet is the No. 1 destination for fun-seeking human holidaymakers Galaxy-Wide! Amba Miskalov is an Anarchy Android, an assassin/torture model fitted with a Quantell Systems v4.7 KillChip. She is beautiful, merciless and deadly, and blends perfectly with her human superiors. Sent to Theme Planet on a dangerous assassination mission, Amba stumbles upon a plot to undermine and destroy Earth’s all-powerful Oblivion Government – and its Ministers of Joy. But Amba is twisted, damaged and decadent – and this rebellion poses Amba a problem: to remain loyal to her creators and tormentors, to support the enemy – or annihilate them all.

The No Mans World series by Pat Kelleher is a great military SF series based on a World War One battalion. Black Hand Gang is the first in the series, set in 1916. Nine-hundred men of the 13th Battalion of The Pennine Fusiliers vanish without trace from the battlefield, only to find themselves stranded on an alien planet. There they must learn to survive in a frightening and hostile environment, forced to rely on dwindling supplies of ammo and rations as the natives of this strange new world begin to take an interest. However, the aliens amongst them are only the first of their worries, as a sinister and arcane threat begins to take hold from within their own ranks!

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