Friday 16 December 2011

Day 16: Strong Female Characters

Strong Females Characters can take many forms. Here are some of Solaris’s leading ladies.

The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin by Rowena Cory Daniells
Rowena Cory Daniell’s trilogy centres on King Rolen and his family, written from the view-point of his three children. His 13 year old daughter, Piro is headstrong and fiercely loyal. Her unwanted affinity soon becomes integral to her family's survival and her decisions and actions are a driving force throughout the trilogy.

The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution by Juliet E McKenna
In Juliet E McKenna's epic tale of fantasy rebellion, women are at the heart of the conspiracy with just as much at stake as the men. Branca is a strong-minded scholar whose humble origins won't stop her studying lost magic to help the cause. Failla is one duke's mistress while spying for his enemies. Charoleia is an enigmatic trader of invaluable information and contacts. Set against them and their allies, can Duchess Litasse of Triolle find common cause with Duchess Tadira of Carluse or Ridianne, the Duke of Marlier's mistress and captain of his mercenaries?

Dangerous Waters - Book One of the Hadrumal Crisis by Juliet E McKenna
An acclaimed magewoman of Hadrumal, Jilseth has long been trusted by the Archmage to safeguard the wizard isle's interests, travelling the realm of Caladhria with no need to fear the corsairs who ravage the coastline. Lady Zurenne by contrast has lived a sheltered and cosseted life. But now she's bereft of her husband and any other protector for her fatherless daughters.

As two of the few who know the truth of a scandal which could bring down the Archmage, will these women work together to help defeat the corsairs and keep such perilous secrets or find themselves on opposite sides?

The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee
Shapeshifting Innis is the youngest ever female Sentinel Mage. Her abilities are unique along with their strength. So much so it must be her that does the forbidden and take the form of a human to save the Seven Kingdoms.

Desdaemona by Ben Macallan
Desdaemona is a sassy leading lady who takes no prisoners. Half demon, half human she has enough powers to not be messed with and enlists protagonist Jordan to help her find her missing sister Faye.

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