Monday 22 October 2012

Twilight: The Twilight

(See what I did there? 'Cause, like, it's Twilight of Kerberos, the series, and it's the end of the big overarching story, so it's like the Twilight of Twilight. Awww, yeah. That's comedy gold right there. Put that right in the bank.)


So we're tremendously excited about the coming of The Children of the Pantheon, the eleventh and final instalment in the main Twilight of Kerberos arc.

As promised, the four destined heroes of the Twilight world - Mike Wild's high-jumping tomb raider Kali Hooper, Jon Oliver's water-breathing fisherman Silus Morlader, Matthew Sprange's spell-slinging master thief Lucius Kane and David McIntee's divinely-protected holy knight Gabriella DeZantez - will be brought together at last, in a quest that will tie together ancient past and turmoiled present, the terrible powers of the dragons, the lost secrets of the Old Races, and the destiny of empires, churches and the world itself, as they seek nothing less than to save the life of the god/planet Kerberos from the depradations of its terrifying enemy!

Say that three times fast.

Written by Mike Wild, The Children of the Pantheon is a headlong dash, a genuinely heart-stopping race against (and through) time, and (we hope) a worthy ending to a story we've thoroughly enjoyed bringing out to you.

And it's available exclusively in ebook format! So if you've been hemming and hawing about buying that nifty new ereader, then now is the time, my friend.

The Children of the Pantheon is out now, on all good ebook outlets.

Twilight of Kerberos
The Final Adventure

The Children of the Pantheon
Mike Wild


Anonymous said...

Will it be released as a paperback or only as an ebook?

David Moore said...

At the moment, as ebook only. It may appear in an omnibus later on...

Pendragon23 said...

I do not care to buy an e-reader just to allow me to read the final book in a series of novels that I have been loyally following. I do not like nor want a kindle, preferring my books to be physical copies.

I think it is a disgrace to thing that Abaddon have decided to choose cheap publication over the needs of their readers, who have loyally bought this series and who are now denied the conclusion.

A kick in the teeth. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Shame this wont actually be published properly, I won't buy an e-book and I'm not buying an omnibus just to read one novel when I have all the others.

One sale lost for me. Not to mention not ever buying any more books from this publisher as I don't want to be let down in this way again.

David Moore said...

Wow. Okay, well, I'm sorry we've disappointed you.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the other reviews, not releasing this book in paperback is a kick in the teeth. I have been a huge fan of abaddon and very disappointed. I hope you change your mind and release future book on paperback

David Moore said...

Hi Pendragon23 and two anonymouses,

So we're currently intending to release future omnibuses, which eventually will include Children in print.

I'm sorry if this is a disappointment, and will be sad to think I've lost a customer.